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This pure and original blend of art and science (optics to be precise) is the result of our exploring and playing with light transmitting through acrylics. Some serious optical physics and engineering was needed for this design. 
It began with an earlier project of ours – Alhazen LED task lamp. ‘Ammu’ is a versatile lamp, which can be used as a reading lamp or a bed side lamp or on the side table in the living. It has a certain emotion and expression to it and a soft and minimal feel, making it is almost inconspicuous. The base can be in Copper alloy or wood. To a person unaware of the principles of light rays, it almost seems magical that the light is reflected on inner surface of a solid block of acrylic at a specific angle.
The first impression one can get is – it’s just another soft diffused light side lamp, but in actuality it can focus the light from the single source LED at the base in any desired direction (refer the video). This makes it a very playful and practical object. It brings a very innovative and fresh solution to lighting. The concept in application is the Snell’s law of Total Internal Reflection (TIR), a unique property of refracting light rays travelling from lower Refractive index (air- 1) to the denser medium with higher Refractive Index (acrylic- 1.492). The angle at the top which is little over the critical angle for Refraction for Acrylic. That is about - 42.40 degrees. A lot of research and development with lasers over last couple of years has resulted in this final piece. 

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