A limited edition jewelry called ‘Lunations’. Depicting the 15 lunar phases from ‘new-moon’ to ‘full-moon’, this series constitutes 15 unique pendants.
Bidri–alloy is Zinc and Copper alloy (9:1). The oxidizing process is done with a unique and rare mud found in the unlit areas of Bidar fort when mixed with water and ammonium chloride and then heated to treat the metal pieces; this instantly renders the deep black colour to the alloy. We have Selective-oxidized the negative patterns with heat resistant laminate, this allows for oxidizing of only the left out areas leaving the masked areas brilliant and shiny.

Dimensions - 38mm Dia.

Price  - On request.

Lunations - New Moon - Copy.jpg
Lunations 1 - Copy.jpg
Lunations 2.jpg
Lunations 3.jpg
Lunations 4.jpg
Lunations 5 - Copy.jpg
Lunations 6.jpg
Lunations - Full Moon.jpg