SAIF FAISAL design workshop is an interdisciplinary Industrial design studio, working across Architecture, Product design, Furniture, Lighting, Craft, Interiors, Brand Identity, Design Development, Creative Direction, Motorcycle design, Automotive racing & Jewelry Design. With collaborations across Denmark, U.S, U.K, Taiwan, China, Dubai & East Africa

With ‘hands-on’ approach, design to us is the synthesis of craft & technology, natural & high-tech.


Inspiration comes in varied forms - a social concern, a beautiful material, an inspiring craft, a practical need, a curiosity... 

Over time we have developed a very strong network of artisans and manufacturers for design development and production. We have an understanding and appreciation for processes, technology and material sciences.

With our ‘ESSENTIALIST’ approach we focus on sensitive, thoughtful and meaningful design. The products we design aspire to poetic expression, with sustainable aesthetics and longevity. 

We aspire to simplicity, substance, timelessness and beauty in our approach, poetic expression is as significant as the functional attributes. Our work very much embodies the Japanese, Nordic and Scandinavian design essence in terms of their poetic expression, essential design and celebration of natural materials. Also the Frugality and Traditional values of the deep routed Oriental culture. For us design is continuity in human culture and civilization. 



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